About Us


ESPACOMP is a non-profit association established to promote the science of what patients do with medicines they have been prescribed. This science addresses the reasons for medication non-adherence, the clinical and economic consequences of non-adherence, and differences between caregivers’ prescriptions and patients’ execution of those prescriptions. ESPACOMP also promotes the translation of medication adherence research into evidence-based policies, programs and practices that are useful to patients, healthcare providers, healthcare policy makers, and pharmaceutical researchers..


Since 1996, a group of scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands organized the Lowlands Symposium to share their research on patient compliance and persistence with prescribed therapy. This symposium has grown over the years reflecting the increased interest for adherence related issues across Europe. In order to reflect the international expansion of the symposium, in 2006, the organizing committee decided to rename the symposium as the European Symposium on Patient Adherence Compliance and Persistence and to extend it to other European countries. In 2009, The European Society for Patient Adherence, Compliance, and Persistence was founded. The official name of ESPACOMP was changed to International Society for medication adherence in 2019.

Today, the principal activity of ESPACOMP is to organize a yearly symposium. It has become the meeting place for an increasing number of international adherence researchers, pharmacoepidemiologists, statisticians and industry people interested in compliance and persistence.

Executive Committee

Leah Zullig

Duke University and Durham Veterans Affairs Centre for Health Services Research in Primary Care,

Liset van Dijk

NIVEL, Utrecht
The Netherlands

Sabina de Geest

Institute of Nursing Science
University of Basel

Dyfrig Hughes

Bangor University

Rob Heerdink

Utrecht University
The Netherlands

Juliet Foster

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney,

Alpana Mair

Scottish Government Scottish Quality, Safety & Improvement
Edinburgh, UK

Marie-Paule Schneider

School of Pharmacy, University of Geneva,

Bernard Vrijens

AARDEX Group & University of Liège

Hans Wouters

General Practitioners Research Institute
The Netherlands

Enrica Menditto

University of Naples Federico II
Naples, Italy

Todd Ruppar

Rush University

Alex Dima

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1,

Filipa Costa

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon
Lisbon Portugal

Robert Vander Stichele


Ghent University

Honorary Members and Awardees

Memorial Lecture

A speaker is invited every year to deliver the John Urquhart Memorial Lecture

Poster Prizes

Every year, a prize is awarded to the most outstanding poster

Honorary Members

Honorary memberships are awarded for life in recognition of exceptional contributions to the society.