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ESPACOMP is an international, non-profit association established to improve medication adherence.

ESPACOMP, the International Society for Medication Adherence, is an international scientific association dedicated to promoting cutting-edge research in the field of medication adherence to increase the quality of research and support dissemination, implementation and uptake of knowledge in healthcare systems and policies.

Annual Meeting

Please join us for the 23rd ESPACOMP conference in Porto, Portugal November 21 through 23, 2019. This year’s conference will be focused on Digital Health and Patient Engagement.


ESPACOMP supports several projects and initiatives including the EMERGE guidelines for reporting medication adherence, the ABC Taxonomy, educational programs, and much more.


ESPACOMP membership is available to researchers, clinicians, trainees, pharmacists, nurses, industry stakeholders, and others interested in medication adherence research.


Cutting-edge research, new health policies, economic updates and other emerging news in the field of medication adherence.

Event Program

Join us in Porto, Portugal to learn about digital health, patient empowerment, and medication adherence. Learn more about our exciting program here below

21-23 November 2019

About the conference

The principal activity of ESPACOMP is to organize a yearly symposium. It has become the meeting place for an increasing number of international adherence researchers, pharmacoepidemiologists, statisticians, industry people interested in compliance and persistence.

Implementation science and e-health

21 November 2019

About the workshop

This one day workshop addresses the intersection of implementation science and e-Health. Building upon prior ESPACOMP implementation science workshops, the goal of this advanced workshop is to delve deeply into how implementation science can inform intervention development and delivery of e-health interventions with the goal of creating programs that can be adapted to local context, disseminated or translated to other settings, and sustained over time. To accomplish this goal, we will review an international case study addressing stem cell transplantation. Balancing theoretical discussion, and practical hands-on learning, this workshop will be comprised of interactive presentations, group work, and discussion.

Workshop Leaders

Bart van den Bemt
Leah Zullig
Sabina De Geest
Lynn Leppla
Janette Ribaut

Adherence data analysis

19-21 November 2019

About the workshop

This workshop expands on previous ESPACOMP training in order to provide more practical tools, especially for early career researchers, to learn and perform analyses of adherence data from multiple sources in a supportive environment and interactive manner. The programme focuses on transparent and reproducible data analysis in R. It will cover R basics, adherence concepts, research design issues, hands-on demonstrations, and group and individual practice sessions using R on three data sources: electronic monitoring, electronic healthcare databases (prescription, dispensing or claims data), and self-report. Participants will be able to use the example datasets and code provided, and also to adapt code for their own datasets and research needs.

Workshop Leaders

Sam Allemann,
Alex Dima,
Isabella Locatelli,
Marie Schneider,
Bernard Vrijens
Ira Wilson

Motivational Interviewing

21 November 2019

About the workshop

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a collaborative conversation style for strengthening people’s motivation and commitment to change. It is an approach that has been demonstrated to enhance engagement and adherence in medical settings resulting in positive outcomes for patients. The aim of this interactive one-day workshop is to provide an introduction to motivational interviewing and expand your engagement skills. This workshop is intended for Portuguese-speaking healthcare professionals, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, including health psychologists, academics, educators, patient association managers, medicine agencies, pharmaceutical industry and other interested parties.

Workshop leaders

Daniela Dunker Scheuner, Motivational interviewing trainer
Rute Sampaio, Local coordinator
Juliet Forster
Todd Ruppar
Marie-Paule Schneider,

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An editorial about about the EMERGE guidelines for reporting #MedicationAdherence research is among the most downloaded articles of 2019 in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing @EditorEJCN

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