Call for Registration and Case Studies for Adherence Data Analysis Workshop (autumn 2021)

Call for Registration and Case Studies for Adherence Data Analysis Workshop 2021

In our 2020 Data Analysis Workshop, we adopted an interactive case-study format which received positive feedback. We therefore propose a similar format in 2021. Our Data Analysis Workshop of this year will consist of two 2-hour webinars on challenges and solutions of analyzing adherence data. These webinars will be held 1st Tuesdays of October and November. The Data Analysis Workshop is intended for researchers and students interested in estimating adherence from electronic monitoring and/or healthcare databases. At the same time, the course could also be suitable for newcomers in the field. Attendance to prior ESPACOMP courses is therefore not required. Participants will also receive individual recommendations to help them as they go along.


The following topics will be addressed:

  • Solutions to overcome challenges in analyzing adherence data
  • How to use available tools to collect/extract adherence data
  • Methods for preparing and analyzing adherence data using R and the AdhereR package
  • How to report adherence studies appropriately and to ensure reproducibility

Get the chance to talk about your study

We are looking forward to your submission of a case study describing the challenges that you yourself have encountered in your research. Your case study could truly benefit from an open discussion with fellow adherence researchers. The discussion may concern the above-mentioned topics. Research projects may be either planned, ongoing, or completed. Please submit a 300-word abstract with the following format through the form below by 1 September (the first 8 cases submitted will be considered for discussion):

  • Context: study aims, research questions, key study design elements, setting
  • Problem(s): what are the challenges you are confronted with?
  • Question(s): what would you like to know from adherence experts in this webinar?

Help from our side

Each case study discussion will be facilitated by two members of the Workshop team. They will contact case study proposers before the webinar to plan the content and discuss any relevant materials to share. During each webinar, the proposer will have the chance to pitch their case study and describe the challenges. Subsequently, the two Workshop team members will discuss the case study and will engage the other participants in the discussion.

Reserve the dates

Webinar 1: 5 October 16:00-18:00 CET

Webinar 2: 2 November 16:00-18:00 CET

Learning objectives

Each webinar will focus on specific learning objectives adapted to the case studies proposed, aiming at gaining further knowledge and skills on:

  • Use of the ABC, EMERGE, and TEOS guidelines to design studies (see also our website).
  • Collect and extract adherence data from electronic monitoring and/or electronic healthcare databases
  • Prepare and analyze adherence data from these two data sources using amongst other the R package AdhereR
  • Design and report their own study/analysis according to recommended guidelines and best practices.

Learning methods

Video presentations and online materials; interactive discussions on proposed case studies.

Conferencing tool to be confirmed closer to the date.

Workshop team

Dr. Samuel Allemann PhD, RPh, Clinical Pharmacist (University of Basel, Switzerland) and Medication adherence expert (Swiss Pharmacists’ Association, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Rebecca Bartlett Ellis, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, School of Nursing (Indiana University, USA)

Dr. Alexandra Dima, PhD, CPsychol, Senior Research Fellow (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France)

Prof. Dr. Marie Schneider, PhD, RPh, Chair of Adherence and Interprofessionality (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Dr. Isabella Locatelli PhD, Statistician (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Bernard Vrijens PhD, Invited professor of Biostatistics (Liège University, Belgium) & CEO, Scientific Lead (AARDEX Group, Belgium)

Prof. Dr. Ira Wilson PhD, MD, MSc, FACP, Professor and Chair of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Professor of Medicine (Brown University, USA)

Dr. Hans Wouters PhD, Psychologist, Senior Researcher (General Practitioners Research Institute, The Netherlands)

Workshop registration costs

€ 75 euro (excludes conference registration cost)

Registration will be open soon. Meanwhile, please register your interest and your case study in the form below. 

    words. Please limit to 300 words or less With Space.