The 2000 symposium on patient compliance and persistence was held at the University of Maastricht on November 9.


12.00 – 13.00 Welcome, Registration, Lunch.

13.00 –13.45 Key note lecture: Measurement Guided Medication Management.
Joyce Cramer, Lecturer in Psychiatry,Yale University, School Of Medicine,New Haven, CT., USA.

13.45 –14.15  Prevalence, determinants and virological outcome of nonadherence with HAART in HIV/AIDS patients.
Veerle De Graeve, MSN (presenter), Veerle De Saar, MSN (presenter), Eric Van Wijngaerden, MD, PhD, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, MD, PhD, Kristien Van Vaerenbergh, MD, Ann Deschamps, MSN, Helga Ceunen, RN, Herman Bobbaers, MD, Phd, Sabina De Geest, PhD, RN.

14.15 –14.45  Drug holidays in anti-depressant drug therapy.
Drs. Welmoedt Meijer, Department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Netherlands

14.45 – 15.15 Break.

15.15 –15.45  Use of MEMS to support the patients efforts to adhere to HAART.
Dr. med. Pietro Vernazza, Chief Infectious diseases , Cantonal Hospital, St. Gallen, Switzerland

15.45 –16.15 Psychosocial predictors of medication adherence across the life span: Arthritis patients.
Mike Martin, Faculty member at The German Center for Research on Ageing in Heidelberg, Germany.

16.15 –16.45  Preliminary results of the DECOMP project; a cohort study into compliance and health outcomes in patients with congestive heart failure.
Drs. Marcel Bouvy, Departement of Pharmaco-epidemiology and Pharmacotherapy, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Netherlands

16.45 –17.30 Summary and final conclusions.
Prof. John Urquhart, MD, FRCP(Edin) , Palo Alto, CA (USA) and Maastricht (The Netherlands)

19.00 Dinner at Restaurant “’t Plenske”.

Conference venue: La Bonbonnière, Achter de Comedie 1, Maastricht, The Netherlands.