Workshop proposals

Call for workshop proposals for ESPACOMP 2023

We welcome the submission of proposals for training workshops at the 27th ESPACOMP Conference. The theme of the conference will be ‘Medication Adherence from Drug Development to Patient Care’.

Training workshops have been a valuable component of the ESPACOMP programme in recent years. We are keen to expand and diversify the educational offer of ESPACOMP and encourage learning from the vast and diverse experience of our members. Workshops will take place on a separate day after the conference (2 December 2023) and can last a full day (7 hours, e.g. 9.00-17.30) or half day (9.00-12.30 or 14.00-17.30).  

Proposal submissions for conference workshops are encouraged from the ESPACOMP community. Workshops should be interactive and motivational sessions and follow the ESPACOMP mission.

Submission Details

The deadline for submission of workshop proposals is 11:59pm (CET) June 30, 2023. All proposals will be evaluated by the ESPACOMP Executive Committee following the criteria detailed below. Notifications and decisions on their acceptance are expected to be communicated by mid-July.

Submission Form

The submission process will ensure uniformity for all applicants. Please submit your workshop proposal using the form below.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on several criteria by the ESPACOMP Executive Committee, including the complementary nature of the topics covered, their relevance to the conference, and their interactive format. Workshops should consist of a number of presentations, use formats that facilitate multidisciplinary discussions among academics, practitioners and policymakers, and go beyond the state of the art. They must include minimum 2 and maximum 4 (half-day) or 6 trainers (full-day), including the workshop organizer.

Workshop selection will consider the following criteria:

  • Aim/topic (4 points): the theme is clearly formulated and relevant for medication adherence, the theme of the conference and the ESPACOMP mission 
  • Methodology (6 points): the learning methodology and time planning are clearly described, appropriate to address the learning objectives and actively engage the trainees 
  • Expertise (6 points): the expertise of trainers is sufficiently broad and diverse to ensure a comprehensive and balanced approach to the topic 
  • Scientific/educational value (6 points): the topic is of relevance to the current evolution of the state-of-the-art of adherence research and practice 

Workshops are selected for inclusion in the conference programme based on their scores and slots available. Workshops not included in the conference programme are proposed as webinar events during the ESPACOMP 2024 online events programme.