Workshop proposals

Workshop proposals for ESPACOMP 2021

We welcome the submission of proposals for workshops at the 25th ESPACOMP Conference. Proposals can be submitted through the form below. The 25th ESPACOMP Conference will be held online from November 8th to 19th 2021. The theme of the conference will be ‘Adaptability and Sustainability of Innovative Models of Care to Improve Medication Adherence’. Several events will be organised for the 2021 conference, including keynote presentations, interprofessional round tables, presentations of papers and posters, as well as conference workshops. Proposal submissions for conference workshops are encouraged from all of the ESPACOMP Community. Workshops should be interactive and motivational sessions and follow the ESPACOMP mission.

Submission Details

The deadline for submission of workshop proposals is is 11:59pm (CET) June 14, 2021. All proposals will be evaluated by the ESPACOMP Executive Committee following the criteria detailed below. Notifications and decisions on their acceptance will be communicated by 15 July 2021.


The submission process will ensure uniformity for all applicants.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on several criteria by the ESPACOMP Executive Committee, including the complementary nature of the topics covered, their relevance to the conference, and their interactive format. Workshops should consist of a number of presentations, use formats that facilitate multidisciplinary discussions among academics, practitioners and policymakers, and go beyond the state of the art. Workshop selection will consider the following criteria:

  • Topic related to the theme of the conference and ESPACOMP mission

  • Quality of proposal (reference-based background, organization, clearly defined purpose, guidelines respected)

  • Workshop members’ expertise/experience on the topic

  • Innovativeness of the concepts addressed

  • Scientific and educational value

  • Time planning

  • Appropriate description of educational methods that foster interactions between speakers and audience

  • Steps to ensure absence of conflict of interest (e.g., promotional materials that may represent a conflict of interest will not be accepted)